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The B&N Podcast

May 22, 2019

Admiral William H. McRaven is the former commander of US Special Operations and the author of the new memoir Sea Stories,  which brings to life the stories and lessons from a fascinating career as a Navy Seal and leader of special operations forces around the world. In the bestselling Make Your Bed, Admiral McRaven unveiled lessons in leadership and success harvested from critical moments in his education, training and experience in the crucible of warfare. Now, with his new book Sea Stories, the Admiral looks back over his action packed life, from thrill-seeking outings as an irrepressible child to his career where an ordinary workday might include a hostage rescue or the takedown of a terrorist cell. We were lucky enough to have the Admiral himself drop into our studio a short while before Sea Stories published, and it wasn't too hard to get him to tell us one or two in person.