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The B&N Podcast

Jan 2, 2019

To kick off 2019, Beth Comstock, the author of Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change, joins us for conversation perfect for sparking fresh ideas, taking on new challenges in life and work, and getting creative in the New Year.  Comstock tells the story of how her early dreams of being a science journalist led her into an unexpected career taking one of the world's biggest and most powerful corporations, General Electric, into a new era of technology innovation  --  in the process landing her on both the Fortune and Forbes lists of the World’s Most Powerful women. In her fascinating book, Comstock examines the power of creativity in the workplace, the very real difficulties corporations have with seeing things differently, and the ways each of us can change the direction of our lives to do the work that we find inspiring. The author joined us in the studio to talk about what she's learned – and why not all her lessons have come from success.