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The B&N Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Entrepreneur, Artist, Tastemaker, and now author Bobby Hundreds — AKA Bobby Kim joins us to talk about This is Not a T-Shirt, his electric new memoir about growing up in Southern California, loving punk and skate culture, his turn from law school to the street wear that he loved, and how celebrating artists and creators became the calling card for The Hundreds, the now iconic street wear business that has made its commitment to "having something to say" and "people over product" the flag Bobby Hundreds proudly flies. This is Not a T-Shirt is also a candid look at how street wear thrives by crossing boundaries of race and class — making it a business that is constantly engaging with the most significant issues of the moment — and one that has, among other things, spawned a fascinating and wildly successful book club. Bobby Hundreds sat down in our studio with Miwa Messer to talk about art, commerce, and his passage from rebellious teen to steward of a classic business and brand.