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The B&N Podcast

May 24, 2019

That's the bestselling author David Baldacci, joining us to talk about his latest thriller, Redemption, the fifth novel featuring Detective Amos Decker and his astonishing powers of memory. I'm Bill Tipper and today on the podcast we're joined by one of masters of the art of the thriller, who has been enthralling readers since his 1996 debut Absolute Power. The author of dozens of bestsellers and multiple series, Baldacci has taken readers from the mean streets to the Oval Office and back again, but there's a special place in readers' heart for his returning hero Amos Decker, a detective whose tragedy-haunted life and dogged sense of duty mean that each of his cases takes on a deeply personal dimension -- and that's never been more the case than in Redemption, as Decker's visit to a loved one's graveside is transformed by an encounter with a case out of his past. David Baldacci spoke with us about his latest twist-filled novel, and how his childhood in a storytelling family shaped the writer he is today.