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The B&N Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

As the groundbreaking editor in chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth reinvented the fashion magazine, putting the big issues of the moment — class, race, equality, opportunity, and the changing political scene — at the heart of how her publication spoke to young readers. This bold approach brought Welteroth and her magazine a legion of passionately engaged fans, and a reputation as one of the most intriguing voices of her generation. Her powerful new book, More than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are (Not Matter What They Say) draws on her own life experiences to serve as inspiration, guide, and reflection for those who are undervalued and underestimated. She joined B&N's Miwa Messer in the studio for a talk about what it takes — and what it means — to fight to make one's own voice heard.