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The B&N Podcast

Sep 24, 2018

The latest selection of the B&N Book Club is the highly anticipated debut novel from Hank Green.  Green is the co-creator (with his brother John) of the YouTube sensation "Vlogbrothers" and the podcast "Dear Hank and John," as well as the founder of Vidcon and many other creative initiatives. What all of his endeavors have in common is the goal of telling stories that matter. With An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, Green offers a different kind of story -- a suprise-laden tale about a group of friends whose encounter with a strange new artifact catapults them -- for better or for worse -- into global celebrity. The result is an unclassifiable, exuberant novel about 21st-century fame, the ambitions and fears of a generation coming into stewardship of a troubled world, and what might happen if a group of really smart young people encounter something potentially world-changing. Hank Green joins B&N's Miwa Messer in our studio for a (spoiler-free!) conversation about his new novel and what he wants readers to experience.