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The B&N Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

If you're writing about the titans of baseball there's one figure both daunting and irresistible: the Babe, the Big Bam, the Sultan of Swat.  The Bambino.  Babe Ruth was one of was one of 20th century America's first real media stars;, but his young life has resisted biographers. With The Big Fella, Babe Ruth and the World He Created, the bestselling writer Jane Leavy has blown away the myths surrounding the Babe, and in the process brought into focus not just his greatness on the baseball diamond, but his similarly outsize role in the making of the world of fame, celebrity, and mass media that we still inhabit today.  She joined us in the podcast studio to talk about the singular challenge of writing about the Big Fella.