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The B&N Podcast

Oct 28, 2019

With Halloween only a few days away we're thrilled that our guest on this episode is the writer Joe Hill, here to talk about his engrossing and often hair-raising new collection Full Throttle. Two of the short stories included here were written in collaboration with his father, Stephen King, but Full Throttle's range of invention shows that the author of bestsellers like NOS4A2, The Fireman, and Horns works from a spell book of his own devising. From a tale that fuses big-game hunting with a classic work of fantasy to a story that draws us into a diabolic circus via the means of an all too familiar social media app, the stories of Full Throttle offer pleasures heartfelt and horrifying in equal measure. Hill prefaces Full Throttle with a marvelous introduction that stands as a great story of its own, a story of Hill's experience growing up as a writer in an extraordinary family, and with an extraordinary literary force as a father and mentor. When he joined us in the studio, we talked about his journey as a writer, and the obsessions behind these fantastic dark tales.