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The B&N Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! On today’s appropriately spooky episode we talk with Joseph Fink, who has introduced millions of listeners and readers to the delightfully eerie goings-on in a very strange southwestern town through the hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and the bestselling book of the same name.  In his thrilling new novel Alice Isn't Dead, Joseph Fink has given us a story outside of the Night Vale universe but fully partaking of its spirit, a work that combines horror and fast-paced suspense in the story of a woman searching for her wife, whose disappearance seems disturbingly connected to news reports of major tragedies across the country.  Fink joined B&N Science Fiction and Fantasy blog editor Joel Cunningham in our studio, to talk about his love of horror films, the books of his childhood, and what he sets out to do for listeners — and readers — with every creation.