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The B&N Podcast

Feb 14, 2019

Today on the B&N Podcast we're talking about a place where business, family, and an iconic New York City institution meet.  Our guest is Julie Gaines, the co-founder of the groundbreaking store Fish's Eddy — where vintage plates, bowls and cups salvaged from a vanishing America find a new life in the kitchens and dining rooms of New Yorkers . She joined us to talk about her new book Minding the Store: A Big Story about a Small Business.  It's a story about putting your dreams into action, about what happens when you take a completely original idea and make it a reality.  It's also about what happens when you can't extricate your family life from your business, for better or for worse.  True to her nature, Julie Gaines put a family member to work in creating this unique book, which takes the form of a Graphic Memoir charmingly illustrated by her son Ben Lenovitz.  When she joined us in the studio, we started by talking about a subject that the author may know better than anybody: the surprising appeal of dishes.