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The B&N Podcast

Jan 16, 2019

With her 2015 novel Eileen, the writer Ottessa Moshfegh married brooding suspense and dark humor in a story that drew readers into the heart of a disturbingly arresting mystery.  That book was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize. 2018 brought Moshfegh’s critically acclaimed, bestselling novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation, in which the story of a young woman's unorthodox plan for self-care is the occasion for a surprising, brilliantly funny look at our anxious new century.  Moshfegh joined us in this episode on the occasion of a new paperback edition of her first book, an award-winning novella titled McGlue, after the Massachusetts-born century sailor. His troubled story, Moshfegh says, came to her almost immediately when she stumbled upon a headline in a 19th century newspaper in a library archive.  In this episode, she talks about the sources of her fiction and how late nights watching comedians on television may be one source for her razor-sharp sense of humor.