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The B&N Podcast

Mar 27, 2019

Preet Bharara has had an almost unique career — As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, he served one of the nation's most zealous prosecutors fighting public corruption, civil rights violations and terrorism.  Then after leaving that office in 2017, Bharara launched what became a meteorically popular podcast, Stay Tuned with Preet — talking legal, political and cultural issues with a fascinating array of guests and bringing a blend of serene, clarifying rigor and gentle humor to listener questions about the law.  
Now he's added bestselling author to his resume with the publication of Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law — a book that's not so much a memoir as it is a fascinatingly detailed, wide-ranging reflection on how lessons and stories from the world of the courtroom can shed light on the challenges we face as a nation and a community.  Just before Doing Justice released, Preet Bharara sat down with Barnes & Noble's Miwa Messer for a conversation about the book, and why for Bharara "justice" is not a noun, but a verb.