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The B&N Podcast

Apr 12, 2019

Today on the B&N Podcast Damon Young joins us to talk about his new book What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Blacker a reflection on life as a black man in 21st-century America that's by turns arrestingly honest, deeply incisive, and wonderfully funny.  Young came to prominence as a commentator on culture and society through his role as the cofounder and editor in chief of the website VerySmartBrothers; since then he's become a senior editor at The Root, as well a writer for many print and online publications. What Doesn’t Kill You Make You Blacker is Damon Young's first book, and he sat down with Barnes & Noble's Miwa Messer to talk about the stories that he uses to shape a memoir that's already one of the year's most significant publishing events.  
**A note for listeners about the language in today's interview: At points, Damon Young quotes strongly offensive language used by others. Parents may find those sections inappropriate for children.**